Clinton Anderson Academy Horse Training Application & Administrative Process
  • 1) Our primary purpose and focus with this program is to train our Academy Students to teach Clinton’s Method to others upon graduation. With that in mind, the number of students we have available to train the Academy horses is not always constant, and sometimes does have an effect on the number of horses we can accept in each training session. The students have additional responsibilities on Tour with Clinton, and with our Clinics held at the ranch in Stephenville that may affect the actual length of your horse’s training, as well. When making your decision a willingness on your part to be very flexible is absolutely critical. Be sure to carefully read the contract, agree to the terms and conditions, and submit the online application information form along with a $500 non-refundable deposit.
  • 2) We’ll contact you when you’re eligible for an opening in one of the training sessions, and understand this may be several months after you’ve submitted your initial application and deposit. So, we ask that you please be patient, and remember your application and deposit doesn’t automatically guarantee we’ll accept your horse into the program.
  • 3) Once we contact you, your horse’s enrollment in the training program is dependent upon a telephone interview. The interview is to ensure the program is suitable for both you and the needs of your horse. Upon acceptance and enrollment into the program you’ll receive an invoice for the remaining balance of the training fee which is due in-full four (4) weeks prior to the actual start of your horse’s training session.
  • 4) Next, you’ll receive an email from us requesting the information as to the delivery of your horse to us here at the ranch in Stephenville. Including the date, approximate time, mode of transport, etc.
  • 5) Two (2) weeks prior to the actual start of your horse’s training session you’ll receive a telephone call from the Academy Student Clinician assigned to conduct your horse’s training. At that time you and your Clinician will discuss your horse, and his training in great detail.
  • 6) Then your horse arrives and his training session begins.
  • 7) Throughout the training session period you can expect to receive a telephone call from your Clinician approximately every two (2) weeks to update you and discuss your horse’s progress.
  • 8) Your lesson and pick-up date will be scheduled two (2) weeks in advance to allow you to make the necessary travel arrangements.
  • 9) Approximately one (1) week prior to your lesson and pick-up date you’ll receive a final invoice from us for any incidentals such as, but not limited to, farrier, medications, and additional board if applicable.
  • 10) Last but not least, you’ll experience one full day of lessons with your Clinician before taking your horse home to enjoy and continue to progress with Clinton’s Method.